Join us at our VIP CISO event

New research from Nominet gives an insight into the levels of stress felt by CISOs and the possible drivers, including: poor work life balance, growing demands from the business and a lack of support from the board.

Discuss the findings with your peers at our networking event.

Special guest on the evening will be Gary Foote. Gary Foote, CIO from the Haas F1 Team, surely has one of the most stressful jobs in the world; fast cars, high stakes, 4 fixed locations, 22 temporary set ups, hundreds of sensors and an IT failure is NOT an option! Gary will be giving us a glimpse under the hood into the IT infrastructure that sits behind a Formula 1 team, the challenges of managing a highly mobile infrastructure as well as how to analyze and protect the streams of data coming from a Formula 1 car at speed.  



  • Wednesday 4th March | 17:45 -- 21:00
  • The Victorian Bath House, 7-8 Bishopgate, London | EC2M 3TJ

Please note that this is an invitation-only event and space is limited. All requests to attend will be reviewed by our event staff and approved based on professional qualifications and event capacity. 


About Nominet

Nominet is driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online. For over 20 years, Nominet has run the .UK internet infrastructure, developing an expertise in the Domain Name System (DNS) that now underpins sophisticated network detection and response that is used in by governments and enterprises to mitigate cyber threats.